Goal Setting Feedback

I’m moving into month two in Scholars and I’m ready to tackle a new goal. My first month I focused on time management with a tangible goal of working fewer than 9 hours each day. I was able to achieve this result all month and feel confident I have the tools, compassion for myself and new ways of thinking to continue to get this result for as long as I’d like. Now I’m ready to keep blowing my mind!

For the next month I would really like to focus on building my self confidence. But I’m struggling to find a tangible result I can hold myself to. The feeling of confidence seems so subjective.

Some thoughts my brain is providing is to focus on feeling more confident in a specific situation such as in client presentations, or focus on believing new thoughts such as, “I am capable”, “I am worthy”, “I can do hard things”.  But again, that all seems very subjective and difficult to evaluate progress and are not measurable results. So another option is to set a goal to fail “x” number of times to practice my confidence and compassion for myself in any situation.

Any tips for goal setting when the goal isn’t super concrete?

Thank you for the feedback!