Goal Setting for Business

I am weeks away to finishing my current job to be home with my children and work on our family business. I want to spend these next couple weeks dreaming of what’s possible for the business and our family.

I’ve thought of goals like 400k Revenue and 200k in my bank account. The only thing is I don’t really have an emotion around these because I think “I don’t even really care about the money, as long as I’m home with them I am happy”

I’m not sure if this is just a block thought or if I should set a non-monetary goal this year.

I just really want to be at home with my children and have the best year ever with them. I am so grateful I get to be at home and want to support my husband as much as possible, but the money doesn’t really seem to matter because I know we will be fine no matter what the accounts say.

Do you have any help on figuring out if not caring about the money goal is a block or if I am genuinely not as motivated by money in this season of my life with small children?