Goal Setting & Time Management

Hello Brooke-

I am brand new to Scholars this month and I am super excited to be here. I have felt “stuck” this year with my business and I joined scholars to have a much needed break through!

I was watching your video on goal setting for Sept and I started to dive into my monthly goal. (By the way, I have a Boston Terrier, and he literally is the bees knees!! Seriously, Best dogs ever!)

I am a brand strategist and am launching my first course this month! The course helps business owners get clear around their brand by diving into what I dub the “4 pillars of brand strategy.”

My biggest obstacle when planning my month are the unknown tasks! I am launching a membership site and building it out on the backend of my wordpress site… At this point I don’t have extra cash flow to outsource the technical side, so I am diving in and praying!

I struggle with two hour increments, I tend to run over with time and then justify it in my head!! How do you plan for the unexpected and not allow it to detour your entire month? Also, I love that you don’t edit your videos, they are authentic and a good lesson for me!

Thanks in advance,
Jessica Potts