Goal Setting

Hi Coaches,

I would love some help in getting clarity. Typically I have a lot of positive thoughts around my ability to achieve my goals. I wanted to run a marathon and I did it. I wanted a certain amount of success in my career and I achieved it. I wanted to lose 8 pounds in June and I did it. Yay, me!


I am having trouble coming up with a vision for myself in the next 5-10 years. I just turned 50 and will be an empty nester next year. I am stuck in confusion about what I want in this next phase of my life. Do I want to stay in my current home? If not, where will we move? How long do I want to stay in my job? Are there other “legacy” projects I want to take on?

I have a lot of evidence from my past experience that I can achieve anything I want once I sent my mind to it; but do you have any tools for getting clearer on what you actually want?