Goal specifics

So I’m thinking about my goal. And you should only focus at one at a time yeah?
I’m having troubles in specifying the goal. I know it’s related to coaching business, but I don’t know how to make it measurable.
Would it be okay if in one goal I’ll include something like: create full Instagram profile (x amount of posts by this time, x amounts of highlights and videos), create a full website with x amount of blog posts and have a certain amount of clients by the end date. Could it all be one goal? Or should I focus on one specific area? Or maybe how could I phrase it differently by measurable that it includes all parts and aspects of building the business.

Another question is my 1 year goal doesn’t get me as excited. Should I write somewhere what would be my goal at the very end? Or should I stick with 1 year impossible goal and think of ways I can make it exciting?