Goal To Get Married – Help With New Model, Do Goals

I’ve made great progress with the March 2019 work about creating new beliefs and some of the April work about time. I’m finally at the place where I believe “I’m allowed to want to get married,” “I’m irresistible to my man,” and, “I can be a smart, sophisticated professional woman AND want marriage.” I was also listening to the podcast episode #86 about Do Goals this morning. There was an example given — one might want to go on 25 dates as actions to take to meet the man of your dreams. That got me thinking. I have also done multiple models on this issue and seen how my tangle of old beliefs created the result of not being married despite being with a wonderful, devoted guy. Before this work, I thought the result was all due to his thoughts and actions. I see now that my result line is always mine………..Now I need help with ideas for the new model. Suppose what I have so far is: C – my relationship, T – “of course he wants to marry me,” (?) F – pretty? Desirable? Loved? Cherished?, A – behave more calmly and lovingly? And?? R – get engaged within 4 months…………..Can I really put *anything* in the result line? I can’t make him do or not do anything. He’s his own person with his own free will. I wouldn’t even be asking this if he had not already indicated an interest in getting married. I’m just ready to really get out of my own way!