Goal To Make Offer On Investment Property (corrected)

My goal is to net before taxes $5,000 from real estate investments (rentals) by my 42nd birthday, March 2020. My sept. goal is to locate one that is suitable for making an offer. I’ve been too picky and looked at dozens of properties but have made no offers.

Circumstance: I don’t own any rentals yet. Thought: “the market is too hot; properties are overpriced; I can’t do it yet; this is so frustrating.” Feelings: defeated. Frustrated. Whiny. Action: paralysis. Nitpicking. Result: no offers made.

DESIRED MODEL: same circumstance. New thoughts: I am doing this. I am good at picking good investments. I’ve done it before. It took a while but I did find the right one. New feelings: motivated. Stoked. Bullish. New action: I locate property and make an offer. Result: eventually own properties.

My problem is that I’m still see-sawing between these two sets of thoughts. Can you help me cross the river of misery?