Goal vs. Result: Finding the thought that created it

I would like to start from a result and find the thought that created it.
Here is my model:
C: I set up a 20K€ revenue goal for January
A: I showed up for my clients / I started to worry about signing new ones in mid-January and then found one prospect’s email in my spam (she had written in November! > I signed her right away) / I called the guy from BPI / In December I was so exhausted that I was relieved when I had a last-minute cancellation, I didn’t in January, and have been very reactive to reschedule quickly. But I still didn’t bill last-minute cancellation / I analysed my schedule and realised that I need to take into account cancellations and people wanting to switch to once every 2 weeks and so book more than 20 hours a week to end up at an average of 20 hours a week.

R: I ended January at 17,5K€

Do you have some tips to do that, please?