Goal weight

Hey Brooke,
I am on week 2 and loving it. I gobbled up most of stop overeating and keep listening in the car (I have an hour commute each way each day) and I try to also listen before bed, just to have the message still sink in (I believe it still sinks into unconscious, and obviously listen when I am awake too). I am definitely more in consuming the info mode, except I have developed a protocol and have implemented fasting. I eat at 2 or 3 and again when I get home from work. So two meals. No snacks (which is HUGE – my fiance used to call me “snack factory” because I used to eat all day long). I started the program at about 162 and am now about 158. I am 5’9″ and 37 years old. Active and a medium to large frame. I was thinking 145 for my goal weight. I have never weighed below 150 and 145 scares me. BUT I am getting married in February so I have good motivation.

Two questions – is 145 a good goal weight?
Can you recommend any ways to do active work while driving? I.e. can I record thought dumps? Or use text to type? I work a lot of hours and spend 2-3 hours in the car every day, so want to make the most of my time in LA traffic to keep progressing on the program. I use my lunch time typically to walk around the neighborhoods to get in my steps (always strive for 10,000 and a workout if I can).

Thanks – LOVE being here!!!