Goal weight

In the Stop Overeating class, it is mentioned a few times to think about setting an ambitious goal weight. However, as a health professional, and someone who has been overweight for a long time, I know that our bodies change with long term excess weight. Our bone mass, and calf muscle mass tends to increase to support the extra weight, and then of course, once we lose weight, we could have extra skin weight. And with being overweight for many years, I am not sure what I’ll look like or feel like at my lowest healthy weight. So, the question is, is it really useful to set a lowest healthy, or a specific weight, when it is hard to account for those things that an always normal weight person doesn’t have to account for, and not knowing where we will feel our best. Isn’t better to just create the protocol and life you want, and see where the weight lands, and tweak if needed?