Goal weight

Hi Brooke! I just started Scholars in August and I’m SO EXCITED about it! I’m more than halfway through the Overeating videos, but I keep getting distracted wanting you to give me a goal weight like I keep hearing you do. Haha! And well meaning loved ones have told me that it’s impossible for you to give me a weight based on height – we are all different, body types vary, yada yada ya. I still want a number to shoot for. I’m 5’4″ and currently weight about 135. My all time high weight was 145, and low after having my last child was about 110. When I complain about my weight (I hate that I do that) everyone tells me I look fine, I have body dysmorphia, etc. Well my pants aren’t capable of feeling dysmorphia and I can’t get most of them over my thighs. So if you could give me a number to shoot for I’d be super happy! Thanks for the amazing program:)