Goal weight and not eating after exercising

Hey Brooke!

I am 37, 5’9″ and weigh about 158, that is down from my all time high of 174, and down from 162 since I started your program. I am getting married in February and super motivated 🙂 It’s a really good WHY. What should my goal weight be? I have never weighed less than 150, so I was thinking 145 – that is scary in and of itself! So I have to look at why 🙂

Also, I listened to your Q&A call today (from earlier this week) where you talked about your body eating it’s own fat before/after a workout. LOVE IT. I also had asked you about bulletproof coffee (which you answered, thank you!) My question is… does bulletproof coffee prevent your body from eating it’s own fat? I typically drink a bulletproof coffee before my workout. I am traveling today and didn’t have a blender or the right butter/oil so I just had coffee with a splash of cream, and now I am STARVING. So it made me wonder if bulletproof coffee was somehow preventing me from feeling this hunger? I am working through the model and also telling myself that hunger is normal. And it will just take a week or two to get used to it.

My other question, if bulletproof coffee IS in fact causing me to not eat my own fat, then how long will it take before my body gets used to not having this before / after my workout? Just want to set realistic expectations.

Thank you – I am loving gobbling up all of the stop overeating work. Whenever I am hungry I flip the thought to literally imagine my body eating itself. Especially my thighs and butt. Hehe.