Goal for the year–too much? Or just right?

In considering my goal for the year, I want to make sure I’m setting myself up for success and not spreading myself too thin. My original plan was to save $50,000 to put towards paying down the mortgage on my house. I think this financial goal is a bit of a stretch but doable, and will require me to stop buffering by overspending which I’ve been working on for a while now. I’ve made a lot of progress in this area.

On reflection, I wondered if I should add the goal of losing 50 lbs this year. This would require me to stop buffering through overeating, which I think is my next big roadblock.

I feel like pursuing both of these goals at once would make a lot of sense. Losing fifty pounds and gaining fifty thousand dollars, trading buffering for a body that feels like home, and a home that’s my own.

Is it crazy to pursue a big financial goal and weight loss goal at the same time?

Here is my current model:
C: I have a body and a mortgage.
T: If I try to lose weight and save money I’ll probably fail at both.
F: apathy
A: Inaction, overeating, spending
R: I don’t lose weight and I don’t save money.

C: I have a body and a mortgage.
T: Living a life without buffers will give me physical and financial freedom.
F: Determined
A: process emotions, eat and save even when I don’t feel like it
R: Lose weight and save money