Goal:100K And Australia

My impossible goal for the year is to make 100k in my business and move my family to Australia for 3 months next winter(reinvest 70k and use 30k for our trip). If I do what I’m already doing in my business, I will make about 50k next year. As I TD about my impossible goal though, my brain is telling me that it’s not a big enough goal. It’s not constrained enough, and it’s not that big of a stretch. Is this just another form of my brain trying to get out of setting this goal and actually going for it? To answer my own question, I kind of think it is. I love setting big lofty goals and just dreaming about what it would be like, but I’m not as good with the follow through. And if I actually made this goal HAPPEN- that would be incredible. I’ve dreamt of doing something like this for so long and haven’t ever done it. K back to planning.