I have a goal of eliminating my debt in 3 months. When I think about it vaguely and with blind faith that I will do it, I feel very very confident and determined. There is no question or doubt when I think about it this way.

Then sometimes I give in to an urge and I start crunching numbers and worrying a lot about the “how” and I start to feel defeated because the numbers don’t work with my current ideas. Thankfully I don’t stay in this mindset very long, but is this where fails can come in handy? Taking action and going from there as opposed to just sitting about thinking about it?

Would an example some examples of worthy fails be:
1. Make the planned payments, but my credit score doesn’t improve
2. Make the planned payments, but the balance is still more than expected due to interest
3. Make the planned payments, but the balance is not the desired result due to overspending
4. Give into the urge to obsessively crunch numbers and worry instead of take action

Thank you for your feedback