Goals and Dating?

Hi! My number one goal since I started scholars from January has been weight loss. I’m focused on my health. I’m losing weight and since I’ve been cleaning up all these thoughts I realized how I was blocking myself from a healthy relationship. I went and got the IUD in December because I was trying to take my desire away for a husband and children by literally blocking that option. I thought I would just decide to not want that so it wouldn’t be so painful to be single. Turns out the IUD does not work with my body at all so I had it removed and I finally embraced my true desires again. I’m 29 and keep thinking “I better hurry up and find my person.” I know you’ve said in the past how if you want to find your person go on 100 dates or until you find him. Massive action. My question is should I just keep focusing on losing weight as my goal and wait to date until I reach my goal weight, or would adding in dating again be a distraction? I don’t want to block myself from attracting my husband but I also don’t want to start dating a ton and be distracted from my goal. Can I really do both?

As I’ve given up buffers with food and alcohol, I’m finding myself feeling out my feelings of lonliness and this sort of grief or loss of someone I haven’t even met yet. This is exactly why I’ve gained 50 pounds over the last three years of being single for the most part.

So, is my wanting to start dating again just a new buffer option? Like, I can’t eat food or drink alcohol to take away my feelings so I have to DO something about these feelings and the remedy for singleness is dating.

I’ve read we shouldn’t wait to put ourselves out there until we lost weight but am I really ready to be in a relationship while I’m doing this work?

Thank you so much for e v e r y t h i n g!
Emily Rose