Goals and goals !

Hi Brooke!
I am a  Scholar since April and my main goal is losing weight. I follow a protocol NS NF  for 10 weeks (adding fasting the last 4 weeks), I lost 20 pounds- my goal is to lose 40 pounds more.
Time management helped me to manage better my time : since April I had designed my own fiche -timetable, I use it every day till then!
I am improving gradually some of my relationships doing homework in May -love the humans is the greatest feeling I hope to manage to feel some day for everyone and for myself too. Self confidence in June was the perfect homework for me , since I had decided to apply for a new position/ promotion in my job. Now I have to be prepared for the interview in September, so ,again, July homework help- in a way – for the Q&A questions about my past job, achiements,my personality,  my intrerpersonal behavior, my weeknesses  etc (and my English 😉) – maybe I approach homework this way in order to manage all this work I have to do in parallel…I would appreciate if you propose any podcasts or a model , or a book ,  to make it easier and more effective for me.
I am so grateful for descovering you and your amazing program!!

Thank you so much!😍