Goals as distractions

I listened to podcast about perfectionism and goal setting today and I realized something. I have tied my self worth so much into external things, such as goals, my job, money or relationships with people. I just want to live a life where I aside from all of those things, but I am unsure where to even start. I have so much anxiety about all of the things I “should” be doing for my goals and my life. I am okay with discomfort sometimes, but the amount of discomfort I feel all of the time about my goals is not helping me create or even show up for them fully.

I know I want the goals and visions I have for my life, but I also know I think they are going to bring me all of the feelings I want. I am always trying to escape the human experience and I know that. I truly want to live my life and have goals, not have my whole life be about goals and nothing else going off the way I feel.  Where do I even start?