Goals for this month. Victory / Fail

For this month, I was very excited and set a few goals for myself:
– save 10K from my business
– lose 10 lbs (I’d like to lose 20 total)
– draw 5 cats (I am dabbling in pencil and acrylic)
– read 2 books

After nine days in June, I was done with my first goal (I didn’t really celebrate it but then received some powerful coaching on giving myself credit and did that), but my scale wasn’t going down. At all.

Perhaps, it’s because I am pretty much already following Brooke’s eating plan. 2 meals, no snacking, salad and protein. No alcohol. I also gave up fruit for this month which was easier than I thought it would be. As I am writing this, I am getting really angry at my body. Why is my body holding on to all the fat on my thighs!!!

I didn’t want to change the protocol and allow space for disappointment. My favorite exercise lately was “the worst feeling.” OMG! Life changing❤️ I allow space for feeling deprived, feeling disappointed, defeated.

Today, the scale showed 1.6 pounds lost. I catch my brain saying “this will never work.” Allowing feelings of disappointment drives lack of motivation.

Because I am not making strides with the weight loss goal, I am also not making attempts to draw more or finish the books.

I am feeling a lot of dull negativity and I stay confused. I am also noticing how my boyfriend is wondering what happened with the weight loss I was so excited about. He wants me to exercise, but I push back. I say I’ll be able to lose through protocol – but I can see I am not really losing any weight.

I am not sure whether this is a question, but rather a request for help. I heard that acknowledging what’s going on for you is an important step to get some perspective and distance.