Goals in different areas

Hi, I wanted to put down a goal for my business for the next 90 days but in doing so I realized I really have six areas of my life that I’d like to be working on, not just my business. I know that we are meant to only set one impossible goal, but to move forward in these other areas I think a goal is extremely valuable, and I feel that in the past I let everything else go in service of my main goal (although that is most likely NOT actually in service of my main goal!).

Another reason I’d like to focus on goals in the main areas of my life is that currently my life is very unstructured and I think that having a focus will help me more in planning my time.

C Goal sheet includes six areas
T I’m not sure if I can effectively work towards all these goals at once
F Worry
A stare at my list and worry about it, send in to Ask a Coach, think that this might be too much, worry about NOT pursuing these goals, don’t schedule them onto my calendar
R I don’t effectively work towards any goals

C Goal sheet has six areas
T I wonder how I’ll work this one out
F curious
A plan for a time today to schedule these goals, coach myself about reaching them, think creatively about how to accomplish it, get extra help as needed to cover kids while they’re home from camp, troubleshoot as needed
R I accomplish each of these goals in the next 90 days