Goals made unnecessary

I’m looking at my brainstorm list to see if any one goal makes others unnecessary or irrelevant. Since I’ll be starting my business next year, one of my goals is to have 20 paying clients enrolled in my program by the end of the year. As I look through the rest of the list I’m asking myself if the other goals are made unnecessary or irrelevant if I were to accomplish getting 20 paid clients. This is where my question lies. If one of the goals on my list was to have 500 people on my email list and another goal was to have a blog, then my assumption is that by having the goal of getting 20 paid clients makes those goals unnecessary because I’ll be paving the way to those 20 clients which may or may not include having 500 people on my email list or having a blog. I’ll create my road map to getting 20 clients and decide from there if an email list or blog is even necessary on that path. As I type this out I’m having a better time understanding what I’m asking but I still wanted to see if there was anything I’m missing.