Goals + morning journal routine

I’m trying to not get caught up in all I want to accomplish. I’m totally wanting to do everything. I want to follow the weight loss program for June, as I used to struggle with disordered eating and I’m wanting to show myself that I can want to lose a little weight (only really want to lose around 5 pounds or so), and it not be a big deal. So I guess it would be a great way to manage my mind. But, I’m also really struggling at work. I love it, but there are time when self doubt is crippling and I anxiety about future performance.

So this brings me to my questions I guess. In the mornings, I want to get into the habit of doing a thought download, and then using the model. If I’m wanting to achieve 1 or 2 goals in a month, should I constrain my thoughts to those topics and use the model to help with that? Or just a free write even if unrelated? Then, I know we need to do a model per thought, and then it’s good to practice these thoughts and stick them up. Would it then be better to try work with 1 model per day, to give time to practice and take on new thoughts, rather than trying to take on a whole bunch of new ones? Sorry if this is all over the show. Trying to figure out what’s going on for me.