Goals vs ‘it’s not better there’

I have been working on the acceptance/knowledge that
‘it isn’t better there than here’
and still have a lot of work to do on it, but awareness around my current beliefs is at least progress 🙂
What I’m currently noticing is that as I approach a goal I’ve set, before I’ve even actually achieved it, I’ve already mentally set the next one. I wonder if that is because it obviously isn’t better at the goal than it was before (although technically I don’t know because this happens before I get to the goal!).
I understand that it is natural for us to want to strive for the next thing once we achieve a goal, but am getting muddled about setting impossible goals (which I love) vs being too future focused for much of the time on it – and by ‘too much’ I mean at the expense of enjoying the ‘now’. Any advice or questions to consider that might help me? Thank you 🙂