going after what you want vs trust in the universe?

I was just coaching myself and felt a bit of conflict.

I was seeing someone and he has some family stuff going on and wants space. Initially, I was cool with this (it was my suggestion) but I thought he might have got in touch at least once just a text or something to check in as it’s been a week.

This happened before, and we went either one or two weeks without talking and I reached out to him and things started up again.

I think we would be great together and I think he thinks that too, but I’m scared if I just give him space and don’t get in touch, he won’t ever get in contact with me, I’ve always thought you should go after what you want, but this is where I feel conflicted, should I just leave him to it and trust in the universe that everything is unfolding that it should?

Going after what you want vs trust in the universe?

I just worry that this could pass us by if he is left to it, but I don’t want to be needy.

I have been trying to figure out why I’m in a rush and I think it’s scarcity- he’ll forget about me, he’ll meet someone else, etc.