Going Against Myself On Two Ends

I’m pretty sleep-deprived and get about 6 hours of sleep a night. I function best with 8 hours but resist it for two factors:
1) Feeling like I didn’t do enough to reach my goal, so I don’t deserve rest yet
2) Wanting a moment to myself after spending the day feeling mentally exhausted


C: Planned bedtime
T: I didn’t do enough
F: Inadequate
A: Buffer with self-help and research business tactics so it’s “useful” time spent even though it wasn’t planned
R: stay up later than planned

C: Planned bedtime
T: I want a moment to myself
F: Defiant
A: Take my evening routine slower, allow my brain to release all the ideas I’ve had over the day without the pressure of the day, indulge on social media
R: I stay up later than planned

On one hand, I feel like I come up with the best ideas at night, but on the other, it’s costing me energy throughout the rest of the next day.  What am I missing to help get more rest?