Going All In on Me!

I remember starting scholars a while ago – and I have to admit, I was scared. I was scared that this was just another thing I’d fail … more proof I wasn’t fixable. Then I found your model. And it took me quite a while to really “get it”. But when it finally clicked, I realized I had to clean up my thinking about scholars before I could even have a chance at making this work. So I put scholars in the C-line… and then my thoughts in the T-line (I hope I don’t fail this too. I hope this works. I’ve never had a self-help thing work for me before. I hope this is different. I’m scared that I made the wrong decision) – and I had to laugh. WHAT in the heck am I doing? Based on what you teach, I’m setting myself up to fail – because I’m thinking failing thoughts. Oh dear…

So I decided to choose positive thoughts. Scholars in the C-line, but new thoughts. I will make this work. I will do the work. I will show up for me. I will go all in on me. I will practice. I will be open to failing and not doing this perfectly AND keep on going. Other people have gotten results and I can, too. I will get out of this what I put in – so I’m putting 100% of myself IN! (And yes, even more!)

Instead of dipping my toe into the pool, scared it would be cold… I did a big ol’ cannonball! And thank goodness – because where I’ve felt stuck and regretful and full of doubt and self-pity and fear and anxiety for so long … I now feel joy and happiness and openness and opportunity and growth and connection. I realized I had been standing in my own way… my THOUGHTS had been standing in my way… and when I chose to change them… chose to think the best thoughts about myself in scholars … I started to show up in a way that helped me get the results I’ve wanted for years. I just wanted to share this – because I believed (wrongly) that the results I was getting were based on the C… when I was just creating my results, as I always had, from my thoughts. Once I really got this and started to take responsibility for my thoughts, everything changed. Loving life now and loving scholars! Keep up the awesome work!