Going all in

On Friday, I listened again to the throw away your to do list podcast. I’ve listened before and half heartedly tried to incorporate its teachings into my life. But this weekend I felt so sick and tired of trying and failing to plan and schedule my time. Really just sick and tired of all the excuses and chaos and overwhelm. So I said, fine I’m going all in or I’m quitting Self Coaching Scholars. All I can say is holy $&*#@ I’m stunned. I got started, it took hours and hours to complete, my brain freaked out over and over, but I kept going. And suddenly I got it. I thought I had been “deciding” but I really wasn’t. I was never all in. I was keeping options open, not really putting every single thing on my calendar. But as I worked through Brooke’s description of what to do exactly, I felt like a whole new part of my brain became available to me. I have never felt so calm, clear, secure, focused in my life. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how grateful I am for your work.