Going from B- work to excellence- question on revising

Hi Brooke-

I’m a writer and as I’ve been doing this month’s planning work, I have realized that it’s easy for me to do the fast, early, get-it-all-down draft but I slow down during the revision process. I feel like I’ve been learning two things this month- calendaring and revising.

I’ve been taking notes on what is working for me as far as the revising process goes- additional research, outlining, character/scene work- and I think this has been helpful and will help me work more quickly and efficiently moving forward. But it has been more time consuming than I anticipated at the beginning of the month and I have had to revise my schedule weekly to accommodate the learning process.

I am still on track to meet my September 30th goal, but I am feeling guilty that I have had to tinker with my schedule so much. If I still hit my goal, this guilty will all be useless mind drama. (Right? I love calendaring, believe in it, and want to continue to get better at it)

I’m watching myself for perfectionism as I work and am looking for better way to orient myself as I work toward a final product. Excellence will be somewhat subjective. I worry no one will like it, I know some people will hate it, and I’m looking for people who are interested in the same themes and subject matters as I am. So do I aim for the truest expression of my story?

C- Revising script
T- What if it’s not good enough?
F- Fear, Anxiety
A- Tinker forever
R- Never finished, always revising

C- Revising script
T- Is it emotionally cohesive and true?
F- Empathy, love
A- Write the most authentic characters, scenes, dialogue I can
R- Script revised and sent out in the world with an open heart

Does this seem like a good idea? Have you talked before about going from good to great? I’m also reading the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks but if you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them! Thank you xoxo