Going off flour and sugar

I am in maintenance at goal weight in good health for more than a year. Also, I’m a weight loss coach. I eat the same boring food which I enjoy as fuel 6 days a week but once a week I eat flour and sugar. Sometimes I have flour and sugar out of protocol on weekdays . I have a lot of drama around it. I wish to go off flour and sugar completely, as if I was allergic to it. But that feels restrictive

C- goal to go off flour and sugar
T- it is restrictive
F- scarcity
A- block myself from exploring options, fear I will lose more weight, not process my negative feelings which make me eat out of protocol, which I turn creates another layer of negative emotions, suffer with gastritis, I’m not walking the talk, I don’t believe what I do, doesn’t recognize giving away my power to flour and sugar
R – I deprive myself a clean meal plan

I think going off flour and sugar is restrictive as I don’t think there are many likable options for breakfast. Currently, I have a bullet proof coffee for breakfast and some days I want to have bread for breakfast. I have no drama for lunch and dinner. It’s only breakfast that creates drama maybe once or twice a week. Also, I’m not assessing my meal plans