Going Overboard

I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. I have a few good days with my meals plans and sticking to it. Then I go to Sam’s club & see a box of 48 treats (100 calorie packs). I think this is great – only 100 calories – I can do this in moderation. But I don’t! And I get tired of them before they are gone. Just my husband and I are at home. Why do I do this? I think 2 days is enough for a new mindset & I’m testing myself?

It’s never worked before, and I don’t always just buy one box of something I buy three. I want to write a new story! I want my model to look something like this:

C – Shopping at Sam’s Club
T –
F – Confident ??
A – I resist the impulse buy
R – I don’t spend the extra $$; I don’t have lots of treats around the house

What suggestions do you have for this model & a way to practice restraint when shopping?