Going skating, I should be feeling better

Hi coaches, I’m planning to go out for the day skating with friends, but I’ve been taking some actions that do not set me up for success. Just buffering in the disguise of relaxing.

Here’s the model I have:
C: Going skating tomorrow with friends
T: I suck at life
F: Ashamed
A: Slouch around. Eat junk food. Watch netflix. Stay up late. Not look after myself. Not help to create energy. Not prepare my body and muscles for the day. Not prepare for the day. Ignore phone messages. Prepare stories about why I’m not feeling my best.
R: I don’t allow a real connection with my friends.

I think I could probably articulate the “I suck at life” thought a bit better, or bring out the pieces of it. Perhaps that’s where I could go next, to do a download on this circumstance to get something a bit more tangible I can work with? Anyway please let me know where I can go from here with my thinking. Thanks team.