Going straight to a new thought

There are times like now, when I wake up with an uncomfortable feeling like panic, that I see glimpses of the thoughts without doing a download. Based on the thought or two in my head when I woke up I have a clue what the circumstance is, but I haven’t done a download to see what’s in there. It feels familiar.

I know not to run away from the uncomfortable feeling (panic.) I know to sit with it first. For anyone reading this, two of my go-to’s are, “So this is panic. (Pause and feel it) – it’s not so bad.” And “I’m willing to feel panic in pursuit of my big goals. ( It’s ok. I’m in.)” Both of these to the end of not running from discomfort and letting it be as my first response.

Here’s my question. After I let the feelings be felt, after I decide “This thought isn’t serving me, not because it’s uncomfortable but because it’s negative and it isn’t true”) – in moments like now when I wake up in the night with panic and I have a sense of the circumstance, what’s the deal on working with a replacement thought without doing a written download first?