going too quickly – mm

Hi Brooke!

I’ve realized a pattern with myself and that it’s that I try to do everything fast and then I miss out on stuff. What I mean is that as I sit here writing what I would do with a million dollars, I came down to the last $200 000 and didn’t know what I would do so I quit. I researched the trips I would take, the condo I would buy, the places I would shop. I have been sitting here writing what I would do with that money for over an hour and then I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I was researching hotels we would stay in, airfares, condos I would be interested in and I think I get a bit too detailed about everything and then when I think it’s taken long enough I stop. When I research vehicles on line for example, I watch Youtube videos and keep watching how much time is left in the video because I want it to be over as soon as possible even though I know it’s important to know this stuff. Whenever I watch any training videos, whether they are on the money course, or a course that applies to my business, I’m always looking at the time to see how much longer they will be. What does this mean?? That I don’t value my own growth or learning. I’ve been like this for a very long time.
Thank you!!