Gone for two weeks and someone’s bugged

I tried two models this morning from a thought in my TDL. The thought was, “He’s bugged.” The HE is my husband. I’m gone for 2 weeks with a girlfriend and although he doesn’t say it out loud – except that he really misses me, I know he’s bugged. I’ve put it into two models and am having trouble with the A line in one and the R line in the other. Can you help me see this to completion in a model please?
C: My husband
T: He’s bugged.
F: Worried
A: I stress about how he’s feeling, I feel guilty that I’m gone this long which keeps me from fully enjoying myself. I think about it a lot when I’d rather not.
R: (I don’t know) I put “I assume he’s bugged.”
This whole model feels off for me and I don’t know how to clean it up and have it feel effective.

My other model on it:
C: My husband.
T: His comments in texts are “polite.”
F: Concerned.
A: I pull back because I don’t like the guilt trip or worry I feel that he’s getting bugged, I don’t want to ask because I don’t want to come across as anything being wrong.
R: There’s no result here really for this model.

How am I doing this wrong? I’m trying to stay with the knowledge that his emotions and thoughts are his and caused by him – but I really feel like his emotions and thoughts in this situation are caused by me being gone. So then I’m ignoring his distance and the vibes I feel because I don’t want to take responsibility for them and want to just enjoy my time with my girlfriend.

Thanks for helping me see this clearly and use the model beneficially.