Good For You!

Hi Brooke,

Ok, I just checked out the asset tab and for the second time – I was surprised. First the Money section showed up and now the How to Feel Better sections appears and I just have to write you. When I signed up, I had no idea what to expect beyond what I’d read in Self Coaching 101 and heard on your podcast. I basically told my friend “I don’t know if drinking the kool-aid here, but this woman is just so credible in the way she can bring together concepts from diverse areas so I’m signing up.”

When I got the bonus box in the mail, I was so pleased at how much actual work needed to be done to get through it…then March arrived and the daily homework along with the weekly podcast work. I was absolutely impressed with the quality of the product and the fact that there is plenty of work here – and I believed I got my money’s worth for sure. I told my friends “This class is the real deal. She has really created outstanding value here. I’m so glad I joined.”

Then came the money section and finally I got around the “Impress yourself” podcast. As I listened to you speak about how proud you were to create this course, I thought “She should be proud. She is killing this thing.” And then tonight, comes more content on line and I just have to tell you what a fantastic product you put out and what a great job you’ve done building excitement, over delivering, creating meaningful content and novelty … just everything our brains love. You are one smart cookie and I’m so happy I’m part of this.

Amazing Job Lady!