Good Girl


I was wondering if you could point me to any specific lessons on this issue. I have noticed that in the past-my whole life really- I have not allowed myself to think “mean” thoughts about someone, have negative thoughts about others’ behaviors, or dislike or even hate someone, and I feel a lot of shame and anxiety when I do.

This resistance to those thoughts and feelings has caused a lot of buffering with overeating. Worse than that though is by not allowing myself to think those thoughts or feel those feelings, I have tolerated behaviors from people that I no longer want to tolerate. I believe this originates from my role in my family as “the sweet one”. Regardless though, I want to stop shaming myself and judging myself for having thoughts about someone or their behavior. I have to acknowledge them, right?

I am currently listening to the How to Feel Lesson, but I was wondering if there were any other recommendations. Something that maybe deals specifically with shame and judgment around thoughts and feelings, or learning to allow all of them…if not, I will certainly bring it to private coaching.
Thank you! 🙂