Good is never enough!

Hi coaches,
I am currently on holidays, and I have been aiming to do more sport activities than I usually do during the working weeks. I am also doing more thought downloads and this allowed me to notice that I never reach the level of feeling fullfilled with my “accomplishments.”

Say for example, I planned a strength workout and core exercises on that day, once those are done, I instantly start to ask myself to fit in more activities in the day and immediatly feel un-accomplished if I don’t succeed adding this additional level in before the end of the day. So, I realize the result is that I never feel accomplished. And same things happen with thought work. In fact, now that I think of it, it is also the same at work: I never feel that I have done well enough. Which leaves me very frustrated with every aspect of my life.

Now that I have realized that, what would you recommend for a next step in progressing towards being happy with my accomplishments, without always aiming for more?
I tried these models below. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Unintentional model:
C: I have done some training
T: I should add more today
F: Unaccomplished
A: Hesitating on what exactly to add in, trying to fit more in schedule that is already organized with other things, annoyed if something prevents me from doing it schedule-wise, annoyed with the people (family) that are in the schedule, disappointed at myself for not finding more time to do more, pushing myself to being overtired; not sleeping well or trying to compensate with food for the exhaustion
R: I am frustrated and feeling like I failed

Intentional model:
C: I have done some training
T: well done (with emphasis on the “done”!!)
F: I can’t really feel it….

second trial -Intentional model:
C: I have done some training
T: Following my plan consistently step by step will bring me where I want to be
F: Commited
A: planing the next training, making sure my training clothes are washed and ready for next training, getting the good amount of proteins and other nutrients to build up the muscles, planning rest time to recover properly and be ready for next training, enjoying my time doing other things in between, feeling proud that I can follow on a training plan (can though and feeling be in this part of the model??)
R: Following though on my plan