Good news this week, just sharing

Sharing good news from this week, armed with the tools and concepts of SCS and my first month in the program

I had been drinking vodka almost every night the past 18 months, dealing with some major changes and medicating myself through the pain (first time I’ve ever gotten dependent on alcohol). I had been eating well about 70% of the time and overeating crap 30% time
Since Monday, I have been eating well- 2x/day-lunch and dinner, no flour/sugar/fruit and not drinking alcohol.

The hunger feels weird, sort of a scraping sensation
I don’t wake up fuzzy
The feelings are what they are, I will work on them when it makes sense, for now I just know I have reasons for them
Going to bed earlier, listening to mp3’s, reading
I have more time
Walked my dog in nature before work yesterday even though it was cold (brrr Toronto).
I created a plan
I committed to following my plan and mini goals (“I can do hard”)

After I found this program I “fired” my therapist. I was so hungry for this- especially over-the-top positive self-supporting thoughts. Think new thoughts, Create resourceful feelings, Live the big dreams. So looking forward to moving forward