A good parent – big enough purpose?

Dear Brooke, I want to be a great Mom. I think of this as my purpose and it drives me to do better. If I am honest it’s the thing I care most about. At the same time I have nagging doubts about whether this purpose is serving me…. does it put too much attention on my kids, will it lead me to be too controlling? Will it keep my aspirations small? Surely I can be a great Mom and also have a broader purpose, a purpose beyond the family? What will happen in 10 years when my kids are grown, or if I were to loose them – will I no longer have a sense of purpose?

If it’s the thing I care most about, do you think simply being a good parent is ‘enough’ – or would it be more helpful to define purpose in a bigger way or outside of the family given that I’m always going to want to be a great Mom anyway?

Hope that makes sense and thank you so much.