Goodbye Cello Studio…

I am having a hard time making a decision about what I should do with my last three cello students. Part of me wants to send them to another teacher so I have an afternoon to run errands and be with my kids. Our weekly schedule is packed full of other activities that are priorities for me, and it seems like I need the afternoon I’m teaching to get other things done. I don’t need the money from teaching as I have a great well-paying job, and my husband makes good money as well.

But…I love my students. One of them I started 7 years ago when she was 4. The others I started only 2 years ago and are very sweet and dedicated. They and their parents really love me, and love being in my cello studio. I feel committed and loyal to them.

So, I’m very conflicted about it. My husband wants me to cut my students so I have more time and less stress. I agree. But I feel so guilty about letting them go. I worry about what will happen to them if I do. I know it’s going to come as a shock out of the blue for them.

Here’s my model:
C: Cutting students
T: I can’t let them go, I made a commitment to them.
F: guilt
A: inaction–I string them along and don’t find them a new teacher.
R: more guilt.

C: Cutting students
T: This could be the best thing that happens for them right now.
F: peaceful
A: kindly send them to another teacher
R: ?

I don’t believe that thought though… Not very many teachers are accepting, and only a couple are any good…