Got A Reality Check About My Writing

I’ve noticed the past few weeks that few other scholars who are writers are also submitting plays, screenplays and books manuscripts.
I am also in the late process of completing a novella before submitting it to a contest.
I submitted an earlier version of that novella to two other contests and received a feedback and it wasn’t good.
So with another last deadline in mind, I took the feedback and am trying to make the novella better based on the comments.

When I submitted to the previous contests I was so pumped up about my story and the fact that I completed it on time and I really thought I am offering my readers a moving story.
Some people say that it depends on the reader but I suppose if two already were not in favor of my work, then maybe it’s a sign that what I have to offer is not valuable in the eyes of others.

I know that I can think of my writing in any way I want but what happens when you actually felt really good about what you offer and the reaction says the opposite? I think most people send out their work and they are afraid it’s not good enough or are uncertain. But here I was super confident in myself and my story, quite proud, and it seems I got a reality check – ‘Mmmm, no, you are not good, lady.’

What do you suggest I will change about my thinking on my writing?