Got what I wanted

So, I have been asking my husband to have another child for nearly four years. And the other day, after a long and much-needed session of crying, sharing, discussing, diving deep into both of our reasons for/against, etc. he said he was open to the idea. Now, without the resistance from him and my defensive posture, I find myself really questioning if I DO want another one. Hahaha. I’m getting curious here and being the watcher of my brain go directly from “He’s not giving me what I want” to listing all the reasons that maybe we should have another kid after all. The good news is that he and I are now approaching the decision as a team instead of feeling at odds with one another. Can you direct me to some material in the study vault about making decisions? I know from Brooke’s teaching that there is no right decision here, but I’m definitely working on thoughts that there IS a right path. So, I’m doing models on “making the right choice.” It has been a wild ride, and I’m glad to have the tools to try to be the watcher to my brain’s tumult. Thanks for any resources re: right v. wrong choice and how that binary thinking isn’t serving me.