Graduation Announcement

My nephew sent me a high school graduation announcement. I remember sending those. I know it’s basically a solicitation for money haha.

If I’m being completely honest- I would only be giving money out of obligation since he is family. I don’t speak to him often and any gift I give (holidays, birthdays, etc,) I never get a thank you. Not even a simple text message or in person “thanks.”

I realize gift giving isn’t supposed to have expectations of a big thank you- as that would be my manual for him. But I just feel like a simple “thank you” is common decency and requires very minimal effort. Even my 1 year old says thank you, so I just don’t have the tolerance for poor manners. I’d rather give that same amount of money to a charity or a friend who would acknowledge it.

C- Graduation announcement
T- Ew, now I’m expected to give cash- and I don’t really want to as I won’t even know if he received it as he doesn’t ever acknowledge gifts.
A- Ruminate,  Waste time thinking about it
R- Feel guilty for not giving cash but also feel annoyed / out of alignment if I do.

Do you have any ideas on how to create a better intentional model ? Do I give cash or skip it?
I feel like I’ll have a negative emotion as a result either way.