Grand-mother & pie – the sequel…

Hi Brooke,
Thank you (again!) for your awesome answers (as usual!). I especially like the one about being authentic, enjoying things without consuming them.
However, yesterday, I did have some apple pie. I even ended up finishing the whole thing up… I was not proud of myself.
And yet, I’ve come to a great realization. I’ve followed what seems to me to be the same pattern three times in a month:
– I have a social meal,
– I feel the need to conform to everyone (people-pleasing little me),
– I resist being my authentic self (no sugar, no flour)
– and then it all bursts out and I overeat.
It’s as if I hadn’t “come out of my food closet” yet. I’m doing amazing when I’m on my own or in “safe” territories, with my close family or in the staff room where my coworkers are used to seeing me eat lots of vegetables and no bread, no sugar (and I’m used to their commenting on it).
But whenever it’s a very traditional French meal, with lots of flour and the unavoidable (or is it?) cake, and people I deeply care about, a group I don’t want to be excluded from, like my grand-mother’s circle, then I overeat.
What’s more, I’ve noticed that I tend to finish something I’ve eaten after much resistance about it, as if I wanted to erase it, to hide the evidence of my “misbehaviour” (as if won’t show on my hips!)…
What can I do about that now I’m aware of that pattern?
I’ve tried to book a coaching session with Rachel or Katrina since they specialize in overeating but they seem to be fully booked until June! Amazing! So instead I’ve made an appointment with Suzy and I’m sure it will be great (I just need to figure out how the zoom call works and I hope I’ve scheduled the right time zone – I don’t want her to waste her time).
Thank you so much for reading me!
Have a great day,