Grandmas blanket

I get what you are saying. I really do. But, as a grandma who knits, I wish you could have used a different example…ha. I also ask myself…do I love it? I have my Great grandmothers “calling card” framed hanging on a wall in my knitting room, I also have the dolls my deceased mother made. I have a china hutch in that room where I store Mementos that mean alot to me. Cards my grandsons made etc. this is not clutter to me these are memories that are very important to me. All this is contained in one small spare bedroom. I have the room and that room is the most important room in the house to me. I’m not really asking for advice because I wouldn’t change a thing out of that room. I do love your organization methods. Organizing is one of my favorite hobbies. I just want people to be careful before they toss out something that may mean something to them years later. Just my opinion.