Grateful to me and to you!!

I posted here previously about my nephew and my concern about him and his grades going downhill.

I felt that it was potentially a key milestone in his life that could impact his future. If his grades continued on the downward trend then that could have far- reaching implications.

Even though I was mostly discouraged from interfering (by various members of my family and friends) and was told that it wasn’t my role etc. etc. I held strong to my belief and moved forward with trying to impact the situation in any way I could.

It was really scary to step into a very touchy situation with my brother and his family but I mustered up the courage and ended up having some difficult conversations with my brother, sister in law and nephew.

And the most miraculous thing happened! It kickstarted the conversation between my brother and sister in law and now they have come up with a plan about how to address the situation with my nephew themselves.

I am so overjoyed by this result. I feel like I’ve done everything I could for him and I believe he will get back on track at school because of, at least in part , this “intervention”. I am grateful to myself for holding true to my conviction and I am grateful to you, Brooke, for your teachings about how important it is to believe in yourself. That really is the most important thing.

Thank you so much Brooke!! You are The Best!! <3