Hey, Brooke. I’m sitting here at the soccer fields in North Dallas, watching my son play in a tournament this weekend, enjoying this absolutely beautiful weather, listening to your podcast on success…and I realized I’m figuatively in your backyard. Thought I’d drop you a short thank you note.

I’m within 3 days of my 52nd birthday. My exhusband passed very suddenly from a heart attack on his 52nd birthday about a year and a half ago. All I want for my birthday is to wake up the day after!

For the last 35 days, I’ve been doing an exercise in personal evaluation and gratitude, as if I was in his position but knew, leading up to that day, that it would be my last. Powerful. Overall, what i’ve learned about myself is that my life is fairly well aligned with my goals and values already. I didn’t need to change much on a day to day basis, but I did need to take another step up with my thought work and emotional self care. As I sit here in the sun, I realize how far I have come in the last 8 moths still I started Scolars and hiw grareful I am to you for Self Coaching Scholars. I was a pretty big mess when I started.

Today, I’m so content. If I really only had 3 days to live, I would want to spend it just this way…outdoors on a beautiful day, with my son, and making my brain just joyful. At the beginning if this year, I chose the word “joy” as my word for the year. I didnt have very much in January and as I end the year, I’m full of it.

Much thanks to you and your team.

PS- next year’s word is “capable.”