All the great stuff from May

Hello – Hello – Hello!

Here is what is awesome about May –
– Coaching call #1 – “Their job is not to make you feel smart and tell you how great you are, that’s your job” and my head just about exploded. Because as a manager, I can spend a lot of weekend time thinking of ways to try to bolster self esteem in staff members that just aren’t ready to see that they are great. And that’s OK. When they get there, they get there. I don’t have to manage their feelings. Hoo-freakin’-ray.

– OMG working on my relationship with my son. ( His mother passed away when he was four, I raised him and he agreed to let me adopt him in his twenties b/c I always regretted not doing so.) But there was so much conflict during his youth and I was the disciplinarian so he resented me often… I carry around this idea that he judges me and finds me wanting, which I just bawl every time that thought crosses my mind. So – Day 8.. Ugly judgments… (he judges… me too, know it all… me too… the whole damn list. The kid is ME…. and that’s kinda cool right?) Day 9- the list of what I want him to do that he doesn’t already do? freaking pathetic! Call me Mom, not Step Mom.. and tell me I’m awesome… that’s all I got. This is what I’m bent about? Day 10 – who is he? Here: He bought a house BEHIND MINE… I can call out my back door and my granddaughter hollas back. He helps us with ANYTHING. He visits EVERY WEEKEND and hangs out talking for a couple of hours.. .. I mean really, when I put it like that… what the heck does it matter what he calls me? Good Grief… I’ve never been so relieved to find out I’m completely nuts.

I can just love everyone and let them do what they want! What will I do with my time????

– Amy