Greed? Guilt. Shame. Confusion.

Hey Brooke and Coaches,

I’m part of the April Coach Training and have been preparing as much as possible, doing the work on myself, learning, getting uncomfortable. My brain is like “why isn’t everything in order and you don’t feel 1000% confident yet!?” It – is – a – pain. But I digress.

My brain goes in and out of being worried about the business piece. I want to stop focusing on how to make money, but that seems so counter-intuitive because I’m going to be building a BUSINESS. I know I need to be concentrating on being the best coach I can be to really help people, and I’m practicing the March homework with “I make $X by helping and serving people who want help.”

I’m trying to believe in my business and my ability to help people now. I don’t yet fully believe either.

I’m judging myself for being so busy thinking about believing I’m going to have a super successful business that makes great money, because Brooke said the coaches who do the best in their first year are the ones who are all about their helping clients. My brain is trying to tell me I’m greedy and that’s it. I don’t know how to connect this with the part where I need to make money for having a business without feeling like it’s wrong.

I’m also really struggling with these thoughts because I don’t yet know HOW to help people (I don’t know how to coach yet and I don’t have a niche chosen), so I don’t have this vision like “I’m going to help 500 women with XXXXXXX”. It feels so awful. I’m having trouble believing because my brain’s like HOW HOW HOW?? I’m doing the homework every day, journaling, redirecting my thoughts, but there’s no thought coming to me that seems to fit. I just keep trying to keep these negative thoughts at bay and hope a good thought comes around. Ugh I’m trying so hard.

Could you help me with:
1. the issue my brain is presenting about needing to know the How
2. Some thoughts I could practice about having a business and helping people
3. Any reassurance that I won’t be a terrible coach and entrepreneur…..