Green Smoothies?

What are your thoughts on green smoothies? I see your SO materials/videos say no smoothies but didn’t know if you’re referring to those made from powdered drink mixes or store bought where I am not controlling ingredients. If I’m basically putting a giant salad into a nutri bullet type blender to up my ability to consume more veggies (including a lot I wouldn’t eat if they were not disguised in this way), would that negatively impact my insulin if I’m still consuming it during my eating window at the time of a regular meal, perhaps along with a simple protein source like chicken breast? There would be no artificial sweetener or sugar in it. Only natural sugar from a little frozen mango, pineapple or banana that would slowly be phased out as my tastes change.

I’m contemplating doing this occasionally for one of my two meals (perhaps at lunch while working where taking the time to chomp down a large salad is difficult or right before leaving work for the day before I head out on a walk somewhere).

Thanks for your thoughts–as always!